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What is the Witbank Youth Theatre and what is it's objective?

The Witbank Youth Theatre is a project of the Witbank Civic Theatre. It aims to provide secondary school students with the opportunity to explore and maximize their potential through the arts.

When was the Witbank Youth Theatre initiated and what has it achieved?

The Witbank Youth Theatre was initiated in 1997 with its inaugural performance of Meisie from Witbank performed in the Spectrum Theatre of the Witbank Cultural Center.

Since then, the Witbank Youth Theatre has staged Chocolate Valentine(1998), Scenes from the Kaleidoscope(1998), The Homeless Fairy(1999), Macbeth(2000), The rescue of the Spring Fairy(2000), Futile Illusions (2001), Jakkalsvere (2001), Hush a bye baby (2001), The Dragon & the Rain Fairy (2001) and The Monkey Prince and the Forest Fairy (2002).

The Homeless Fairy, The rescue of the Spring Fairy and The Dragon & the Rain Fairy have also been performed at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. Snippets of the plays have been broadcast on television.


How does the Witbank Youth Theatre operate?

Each year, secondary school students are invited to audition to form a Youth Theatre company. Auditions are advertised in the Witbank News and letters are sent to secondary school principals.
Twenty seven students are selected. The students are taken through an intensive workshop program in play-making and production management.

Performances of the play are staged at the Witbank Civic Theatre and the project culminates each year in July with a tour to the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.

How often does the group meet for workshops and rehearsals?

The group meets once a week on Thursday evening for three hours for workshops and rehearsals. During the week of the performances in Witbank the group meets for two additional evenings. A work schedule with workshop, rehearsal and performance dates is given to the participants at the very first meeting.

What is covered in the workshops?

The workshops are training forums in drama, dance, music and production management. Students acquire new skills. The tour to Grahamstown is planned at these workshops. The workshops also serve as bonding forum for the members of the Youth Theatre


Where are the workshops and rehearsals held?

The workshops and rehearsals are held at the Witbank Cultural Center. You will be given a lost of the specific venues in which you would be working on a week to week basis.

What do I need to be selected to participate in the Witbank Youth Theatre?

The following procedure is applicable for students who want to participate in the Witbank Youth Theatre:

An application form which can be obtained from the Witbank Civic Theatre must be filled in and submitted to the Theatre Manager no later than Friday 16 August 2002.
Applicants will be notified of a date, time and venue for auditions if their application meets with the basic requirements.
A company list will be posted on the Theatre notice board on the evening after all the auditions have been completed.
Students who are selected will have to sign a Code of Conduct and a Letter of Commitment. Parents of the selected students have to sign an Indemnity Form.

What school grade do I have to be in , in order to be considered for an audition?

Student must be between Grade 9 and Grade 12.


What does the audition consist of?

The audition consists of three parts as follows:

  • An interview: during this phase you are asked questions about why you would like to participate in the project; what can you offer the project in terms of skills and the interview is a way of assessing your motivation to want to get involved with the project.
  • Group Workshop: during this phase you are put into a group workshop to work with various participants on a short exercise. Some of the members of the group may be familiar to you and others may not be familiar. We'd like to see how you work in a group.
  • Performance: during this phase you are requested to present a short song, dance or drama piece which you have prepared. You will also be given an impromptu text and you will be asked to interpret it.

The audition panel consists of individuals who are involved with various aspects of the project.

What is the style of the production which is going to be staged?

The production is a musical play aimed at a youth audience. Participants who are selected will workshop songs, dance, music, costumes and decor for the play. Participants will also be involved in some of the technical aspects of the play.


Why Grahamstown?

The National Arts Festival is the biggest arts festival in Africa and the second biggest arts festival in the world. The arts festival offers an exciting experience for the participants of the Witbank youth. The School's Festival in Grahamstown is often described by participants as a thoroughly enriching experience.

What will it cost me to get involved with the Witbank Youth Theatre?

The Witbank Youth Theatre has three sources of funding:

Income derived from the performances in Witbank
Donations and Sponsorship from corporate and civic structures
Fund-raising projects engaged in by the participants of the project
Each participant in the project has an equal role to play in the fund-raising strategy.



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